Black bears Orr,Minnesota

Recently I had an opportunity to participate in Shoot the light (STL) “Black Bear Plus” workshop conducted by Chas Glatzer at Vince Shute wildlife sanctuary at Orr, MN. The Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary is considered as the best place to view and photograph wild black bears in their natural habitat in Read More»

Review – Alan Murphy’s Songbird Setup Guide

Making_ good image of songbirds is probably one of the hardest things to do IMO. Considering the size and natural habitat of these birds it is pretty hard to get them on clean backgrounds with interesting perches. After reading Alan Murphy’s book and 5 full days of song bird setup photography Read More»

Protecting your images with Digimarc

With_the_growing popularity of social media and photo communities it is not uncommon to see unauthorized use of our images on other websites. Recently two of my trophy white tail deer images showed up on a hunting outfitter website. Obviously, their web master removed my copyright signature, Read More»
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